Sapphire is one of the nine Sorcerer Bloodlines, and one of the nine branches of magic. Sapphire magic encompasses all Motion-based spells. Like each Bloodline, Sapphires specialize in the branch of magic of their color. Sapphire's Mastery Spell is Flight.

Known Sapphire Spells Edit

  • Teleport - The caster teleports to a location of their choosing. The caster can Teleport other people who are making body contact with them. Normal sorcerers are limited to a distance of a few hundred miles (variable to the sorcerer's power), while Sapphire's range of teleporting is great enough to travel anywhere globally. Unlike other Bloodlines, Sapphires can use teleport, and are more accurate.
  • Telekinesis (Also known as Levitate) - The caster makes an object, or objects, float and move at their command. The amount of weight a witch or warlock can lift is dependent on their power. Sapphires can lift four times as much for their power potential. Levitate is commonly used to measure how strong a sorcerer is. Telekinesis can't be used on the caster themselves.
  • Flight - Mastery Spell. Exclusive to Sapphire sorcerers only. What it does is self-explanatory, but not much is known about it's limits, or what is required to achieve it.

Known Sapphires Edit

The Fox is the most well known Sapphire sorcerer in the SapphireFoxx Universe. His cursed statue form is blue because of his Bloodline.

Isabel Arrington is a Sapphire witch, who inherited it from her Sapphire mother, Norah Arrington.