Show Me Where It Hurts is a stand-alone animation by SapphirreFoxx on his website.


Unofficial SynopsisEdit

The video starts with Doctor LePage checking in with a patient, Alex. LePage refuses to give Alex more painkillers and informs him that he will be unable to preform the nessassary surgery on him until Monday, due to him having scheduled golf for the weekend. This angers Alex, who wishes that he was assigned a doctor who could take better care of him. As LePage exits the room, a shooting star grants Alex his wish, transforming LePage into a nurse, now known as Diaz. LePage's mind is wiped, succumbing to Diaz's personality, who re-enters Alex's room to give him better care. Seeing Diaz, Alex gets an erection, which Diaz notices. Diaz mentions that she will take care of Alex from now on, proceeding for the two to have a sexual encounter.